Get to know Liberty Interiors

Children’s spaces are fast becoming a creative extension to the family home and Liberty Interiors; the vibrant and accomplished Melbourne based interior decorators are tapping into this new found obsession with all things beautiful and are doing so with plenty of punch.

Lover of all things art, crafts and style, Liberty Interiors founder and interior decorator Nicole Rosenberg found her inspiration to start her business after having her own children, decorating their bedrooms and then the rooms of friends and family. Encouraged by how much she loved creating these beautiful spaces and how much her friends loved her work, she knew that there was perhaps a business in this niche service, and she was right! 

Being a mum herself of three children; Ruby (13yrs), Millie (11ys) and Archie (8yrs), Nicole knows that it is not only important to have the space looking gorgeous but it is also key to have something that is practical. 

Vivacious and warm Nicole is truly passionate about producing calm and happy yet fun spaces that are a reflection of the child’s individuality and desires. This passion, along with her ‘don’t be afraid of colour’ mantra is infectious. Her interior design flare has now extended to family homes where she transforms entire homes, working closely with architects, to produce relaxed and inviting spaces for the entire family.

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